Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Director's Corner, by Sandra Collins

These are unsettling economic times for people. In order to save money, we’re clipping coupons and cutting back on buying things. We’re also taking advantage of discount cards, making sure we save money on groceries, clothing and other necessities. In times like these, there’s not much room for entertainment or items considered unnecessary.
Northland Library has the best discount card of all: a library card. Consider this: a trip to a major bookstore, where you might purchase two best-selling novels, a CD and a DVD, could run you about $75.00 or more. A night out at the movies for a family of 4 could cost $30-$40. Now think about making the same trip to Northland Library, stocking up on bestsellers, CDs or DVDs, attending a foreign film or participating in a conversation salon. What will this run you? Not a dime. It’s all free to use because the communities which support Northland (Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, Marshall Township, McCandless and Ross Township) have elected to use a portion of your municipal property tax to support Northland. During these tough times, using Northland Library is practical and economically smart, as well as fun. Make sure you take advantage of Northland Library today. If you don’t have a library card, get one. You have already made an investment in Northland; its resources are here for all.