Friday, May 29, 2009

Matching Game

Match the writer with their crime:

1. Jeffrey Archer
2. Anne Perry
3. William Burroughs
4. Oscar Wilde
5. Henry David Thoreau
6. Norman Mailer
7. Jack London
8. O'Henry
9. Robert Lowell
10. Malcolm X

A. Homicide
B. Perjury
C. Sodomy
D. Homicide and Narcotics
E. Tax Evasion
F. Assault (stabbed his wife)
G. Draft Evasion
H. Vagrancy
I. Burglary
J. Embezzlement

How many correct answers did you have? Leave a comment to check your answers.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rama the Camel

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Director's Corner by Sandra Collins

We have reached a critical time for library funding in Pennsylvania. As noted in an earlier message Northland Public Library receives 56% of its funding from the 5 municipalities of Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, Marshall. McCandless and Ross, approximately 16% of our funding comes through state aid.

Governor Rendell’s budget for 2009-10 proposes a 2.3% cut in state support for local library services. The larger impact for is a 10.6% proposed cut in funding for online databases and other online services provided to Pennsylvania residents through their public libraries that an individual library such as Northland would have difficulty funding on its own.

Since the Governor’s budget proposal was disseminated the Senate Republicans have passed a 2009-2010 budget that would cut state support to public libraries by 50% and eliminate all funding for online databases. Access to many business, health, full text magazine articles, automobile repair manuals and other information sources would certainly be lost altogether. No individual library will have the resources needed to pick up the databases on their own.

You can help by contacting your local legislator to thank him/her for their past support of public libraries and ask her/him to help develop a budget that includes state funding for libraries equal to this year’s (FY2008-09) funding. We realize the reality of added budget pressures during a recession. But, like other public libraries, Northland has seen a growing need for library services precisely because of the recession. We are asking for level funding in order to meet some part of the rising demand for access to computers, training classes, current books and publications and other materials.

On behalf of Northland, thank you to those who have already contacted our legislators. Your support is appreciated – but if you have not had the chance to share your thoughts, please take a few minutes a drop a short note to your State Representative or Senator.

Northland’s State Legislators:

· Senator Jane Orie 9400 McKnight Rd. La Casa Blanca Suite 105 Pittsburgh, PA 15237 412-630-9466
· Rep. Mike Turzai 125 Hillvue Lane Pittsburgh PA 15237, 412-369-2230
· Randy Vulakovich 1407 Mt. Royal Blvd. Glenshaw, PA 15116 412-487-6607
· Dom Costa 1808 Chislett St., Pittsburgh, PA 15206, 412-361-2040
· Don Walko 3880 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15214, 412-321-5523, Robert Matzie 1240 Merchant St., Ambridge, PA 15003, 412-761-1701

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Influenza A (H1N1)

The Swine Flu, officially the Swine influenza A (H1N1) virus, is spreading rapidly around the world and has now been confirmed in Pennsylvania. There is no need for panic but using some common sense will help.

What you can do:
If you feel like you have flu symptoms, stay home. When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Throw out used tissues and wash your hands. If you’ve got flu symptoms and you’ve recently been to a high-risk area such as Mexico see your doctor.

Your doctor may not be able to determine whether you have swine flu, but he or she would take a sample from you and send it to a state health department lab for testing. If you were immunized with the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976, it probably won’t protect you now.

The following links have current and reliable Swine Flu information: