Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Director's Corner, by Sandra Collins

As we move towards the beginning of a new year, I wish to say Thank You to:

• The communities of Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, Marshall Township, McCandless and Ross Township for their continued financial support of Northland Public Library. The 5 communities provide 56% of our funding and Northland could not operate at the level it does without their joint effort.

• The members of the Northland Public Library Authority Board –Jason Bragunier (Marshall Twp.); Daniel DeMarco (Ross Twp.); Jane Hopey (Franklin Park); John Murtagh Jr. (McCandless) Paul Parobeck (Ross Twp.) Cynthia Potter (McCandless); and Sheryn Trickett-Lammers (Bradford Woods) who volunteer their time to ensure library operations are efficient and meet community needs.

• The volunteer members of the Northland Library Foundation Board and Sara Jane Lowry, the Executive Director of the Foundation who raise private funding through grants and donations to supplement Northland’s budget for special projects. Northland is able to offer Northland Tutor, an online after-school tutoring service because of their efforts.

• The many community volunteers who aid in providing library programs and services by assisting in the Book Nook, working at the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival, updating community directories and similar activities.

• The 88 employees of the Northland Public Library who do a phenomenal job.
They have handled more than 1,000,000 loans in a year, reshelved those borrowed items and in 2008 will add more than 27,000 new items to the collection. They provided programs attended by more than 14,000 people and answered more than 92,000 reference questions.


Anonymous said...

Who supplies the other 44% of funding, and shouldn't they be thanked? Why not have your staff thank each resident as they come in - aren't the tax payers the real supporters?

Sandra Collins said...

Thank you for your question Approximately 18% of our funding comes from the Allegheny Regional Asset District and 16% is received from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the remaining 10% is self-generated through fees, booksales, other sales and interest. Without the local property taxes the residents of our supporting communities pay, Northland would not be able to provide the level of services they enjoy

Anonymous said...

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