Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lessons In Loss And Living

Monday, May 16 at 7:00 Pm

As a Family Medicine administrator, Dr. Michele Reiss trains young physicians in the psychological aspects of health care. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Reiss often sees patients struggling with life-threatening illnesses and those coping with grief or loss. She was publicly acknowedged as the psychotherapist working with Dr. Randy Pausch, well-known Carnegie Mellon professor and his wife Jai as they faced his diagnosis of fatal pancreatic cancer. Dr. Pausch inspired thousands of people to live fully and well in spite of adversity with his Last Lecture and encouraged others to seek support and guidance when faced with the stress of a serious medical illness.

In her book, Lessons in Loss and Living, Dr. Reiss teaches the art of living and loving well despite significant adversity. She shares true stories and professional experiences that are gifts to the rest of us for finding ways to live hopefully and fully each day. Please register for this program online or by calling the adult services reference desk at 412-366-8100, ext.113

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