Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Director's Corner

I have always thought fondly of June. When I was a child, June signaled the end of the school year and the beginning of, what seemed at the time, a long, long summer. As an avid reader, June was also the start of the Summer Reading Club at my local public library and provided an unneeded excuse for indulging in my favorite sport. Little did I know or care that what I viewed as fun and enjoyable was actually helping me maintain the literacy skills that provide the foundation of all other learning. Evidence from many studies in North American and Europe demonstrate that participation in summer reading programs result in improved reading skills.

Northland continues the tradition of supporting the continuing development and maintenance of basic literacy skills through its Summer Reading Clubs –and not just for children. Find out more about our summer reading activities for children, teens and adults in the newsletter as well as our website http://northlandlibrary.org/. Summer Reading – just one of the connections your public library provides to serve a real-life community need and to support a critical skill that all need to succeed in all aspects of our lives.

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