Thursday, March 13, 2008


Stroll down memory lane with us and share your memories of Northland. Here are a few memory ticklers: Do you remember when Northland was at Three Degree Road? Do you remember when we moved into our current site and when we were at Northway Mall during our renovation? How about sharing your memories with us and our Northland family.


Anonymous said...

Moving to the mall was an interesting and busy time. It was fun for tech services to be in an open area and see other staff members more often, not to mention being able to see the great outdoors. jb

Anonymous said...

I loved our time at Northway Mall.
Off to the food court every day for lunch. Oh and coffee every morning at the coffee bar and after lunch, off to The Dress Barn to spend all of the money that I had made each week. One of my co-workers even went to the popcorn counter around 3 each day. What a life. ljk

Anonymous said...

I remember coming to Northland when we moved here in 1981 and being amazed that so many shelves seemed half or fully empty. What I didn't realize is that the library had been built to allow for an expanding collection. The shelves are certainly full now!

mlr said...

I remember when two elderly gentlemen got into a fight about smoking. In 1978 or 1979, the library allowed smoking on the upper level at the seating area where the big front windows meet. One man didn't appreciate the smoke; the other reminded him that he was allowed to smoke. They nearly came to blows, as I recall. We don't allow smoking now, of course, but we do allow eating and drinking--strick no-no's back in the 1970's.

TechServMgrES said...

I didn't even live in Pittsburgh when Northland was "born" 40 yrs. ago, but I have seen the exciting changes taking place since our interim time at the mall opened the box and encouraged some new thinking during building renovations. I'm glad overall for our merger into the wider county consortia -- I like receiving and sending our resources throughout the county-- sort of like a multiplication effect for our tax dollars at work!

What a time to be a part of the planning for Beautifying our Landscaping & adding to our grounds' usefulness! I also hope to continue to be involved in brainstorming together strategies for how our Library can become an even more valuable community connection for people learning and discovering more about themselves and the world we all live in.
Have you -- if you are in our supporting municipalities heard yet, or had a chance to share your ideas -- about Northland's exciting future as well as the memories?