Monday, July 14, 2008

The Director's Corner, by Sandra Collins

As reported in the New Republic (April 9, 2008), the Schipol International Airport in Amsterdam, Holland made a fascinating discovery. In an effort to deal with an ongoing problem in keeping the men’s rooms clean, an economist on the airport staff suggested a novel solution. An image of a housefly was etched onto the bowls near the drain on each urinal. Spillage decreased by 80%- -just by providing a target at which to aim. Northland Public Library is currently working on a strategic plan which will outline the target it will need to aim for during the next few years and will provide a map for us in developing our programs and activities to better serve you. The targets have been defined through information obtained from the various library stakeholders – the elected officials of the 5 municipalities Northland serves, the North Allegheny and North Hills Schools, library users, the Northland Library Board, the Northland Library Foundation and library staff. We want to make certain that Northland will continue to be an institution that is important to the residents it serves. Ah, the power of a housefly.

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