Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Bridge books are for third grade readers, the bridge between younger beginning readers and older fiction titles.Click on the title to go to the book in our catalog.

Dork on the Run
Carol Gorman
Jerry's running… but is it for class president or from his dorky past?

The Killer Underpant
Michael Lawrence
Jiggy's new underwear hypnotizes the school bully, to everyone's delight.

The Four Ugly Cats in Apartment 3D
Marilyn Sachs
Four cats, three days. Can Lily find new homes for the ugliest cats in San Francisco before someone new moves into Mr. Freeman's apartment?

The Hamster of Baskervilles
Bruce Hale
Time is running out for detective Chet Gecko. If he doesn't solve this mystery soon, he'll forfeit two-get-out-of-detention-free cards and a box of jelly doughnuts.

A Mother to Embarrass Me
Carol Lynch Williams
Wearing pajamas in public? Burning down the house to make toast? Starring in a fitness video for… pregnant women? Laura wants a makeover for her mother, quick!

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