Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free speech: Where Do You Stand?

A Dorothy Epstein Memorial Program
Thursday, October 28 at 7:00 pm

As Americans, we pride ourselves on our freedom to express our opinions loudly and clearly and sometimes in very unconventional ways without the fear of arrest or reprisal. We hotly debate ideas in public forums, we carry picket signs, we join in marches, we write letters to public officials and we often uphold someone's right to express an opinion with which we disagree. But where do we draw the line? Do we agree on the areas or instances where restraints should be applied to free speech? Have we gone too far in making laws that allow behavior that threatens the liberties of others? Each day's news confronts us with some issue or event that involves the freedom of speech.

The Northland Library Foundation is pleased to present a distinguished professor of constitutional law at the University of Pittsburgh's Law School, Jules Lobel, who will talk about this often-debated, often-defended constitutional amendment. Professor Lobel's talk will cover the history of free speech and its interpretation in our country and will highlight some of its most important legal decisions. There will be time for your questions about this very important and provocative subject. Please register for this program online on the library website or by calling the Adult Services reference desk at (412) 366-8100 extension 113.

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